A downloadable game for Windows


LEFT CLICK to select block, CLICK again to drop into grid. RIGHT CLICK to deselect.

Bullseye carbon blocks (brown) with a row and column of water vapor blocks in order to create a solvent that transports carbon out of the grid. 

Click restart when your grid is unable to fit anymore blocks in and you're at a dead end. Click reshuffle for a few chances to change your block line up. 

Get rid of all the carbon blocks to progress through levels! 

Our four week plan and more details: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oXYXmCxy6tJ7wISfyQFcKndH7nrNgrOauv-Kiv9i...

We wanted a fun, simple game with stunning visuals and sounds that is easily scalable with a core game mechanic that is fundamental to the gameplay and references the actual process of CCS. 


CarbonCancelled.zip 34 MB

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